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A matter of credit for India's Rang De
- Feb 22, 2014

On their first visit to Dubai in Februray 2014, Rang De founders Ram and Smita were featured in Khaleej Times. The article titled, 'A matter of credit for India's Rang De' discusses Rang De's journey so far, India's social sector and more. Read More

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Online microfinance platform Rang De invites equity investments for social benefit
- 28 jan, 2014

Rang De's intent to create a middle ground for sustainable social enterprises being lauded as a ground breaking experiment in The Economic Times. Read More

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Bringing back the colours to Lives
- 15 jan, 2014

The New Indian Express article titled 'Bringing back the colours to life' focuses on Rang De's effort to bring sustainable change in India. Read More

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Husband-wife duo set out to disburse loans to 45,000 people
- Nov 28,2013

Rang De co-founders Ram and Smita were featured in the Bangalore edition of DNA India in November 2013. The article discusses Rang De's journey so far, its impact and future plans. Read More

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Rang De featured in Dainik Bhaskar
- Nov 12, 2013

Rang De gets a mention in the Banswara (Rajasthan) edition of Dainik Bhaskar on 12th November, 2013. The article discusses Rang De's model and journey so far... Read More

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Different shades of credit
- Nov 11, 2013

Efforts to eradicate poverty by reaching out to people through peer-to-peer micro credit... Read More

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Rang De was featured in Eenadu's Weekly Magazine
- Sep 22, 2013

The article discusses Rang De's model and journey so far. Eenadu is the largest circulated Telugu daily newspaper in Andhra Pradesh. Read More

Credit for Credits

Credit for Credits - Sep 16, 2013

Rang De's youngest social investors from Grade 7 Abhimanyu English Medium School, Pune were featured in Indian Express in September 2013. The story talks about Project Rang De Lives and how the students not only learnt the art of saving but also lessons in teamwork and trust!... Read More

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Small social investments spreading big smiles across India with Rang De
- Aug 10, 2013

Rang De co-founder Smita was interviewed by SocialStory in August, 2013. In the article titled 'Small social investments spreading big smiles across India with Rang De', Smita shared Rang De's story and her 5 year journey of being a social entrepreneur... Read More

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Micro-Financing India's Growth - May 22, 2013

Meet Ram of RangDe, a young social entrepreneur who is helping you and me become investors in micro entrepreneurs across India, funding their growth and making India financially Inclusive.... Watch video

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Making a small business start with NGO Rang De - April 20, 2013

Bangalore-based Smita Ramakrishnan has been making a difference to women?s lives for the past five years. She founded the NGO Rang De that has been providing loans to the poor and needy women to start business ventures.... Read More

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Rang De on Young Turks Transformers

CNBC TV? 18's Young Turks featured Rang De in March 2010 and credited us for introducing "Microfinance in India a social Networking Twist!" Watch video

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Delighted to announce that Rang De has been featured in The Times of India's special picture series 'WomanKind' which focuses on women who are mixing enterprise with social good! Read the epaper articles Article one, Article two

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Rang De Featured in Microfinance India - March 1, 2013

Rang De has been featured in the Microfinance India: State of the Sector Report 2012 for being a Web-based Microfinance initiative. Microfinance India: State of the Sector Report is an annual publication on the microfinance sector quantifying its growth and performance. Read More

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Microfinance companies like MicroGraam and Rang De take over industry with low cost loans - July 12, 2012

Amidst the regulatory upheaval and scramble for fresh capital that defines India's microfinance sector, a new breed of micro lenders are quietly challenging the conventional norms of the industry with an internet-based funding model and low-cost loans... Read More

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A big step for small dreams - June 24, 2012

Rang De, an NGO that empowers micro entrepreneurs by giving them micro-credits at unbelievably low interest rates, is India?s first online micro credit platform... Read More

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Microfinance India Summit 2011 - MFIs: Painting a Recoveryy - December 14, 2011

Rang De is India?s first online microlending platform. The Web-based social initiative supports rural entrepreneurs with access to cost effective capital for business and education needs. Rang De raises social capital from individuals who can become... Read More

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Rang De Featured in India Now - September 1, 2012

Rang De has been featured in India Now (August-September 2012 issue) discussing Rang De's model and journey so far. India Now is an IBEF bi-monthly publication that has regular updates on Indian business and economy. Read More

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A little goes a long way - January 1, 2012

Bonsai People is a 2011 documentary that highlights Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus' micro-lending initiatives to help the poor... Read More

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Rang De on India Positve, CNN IBN's Diwali Special Story - 13 Nov 2012

A Bangalore-based micro-lending service is bringing cheer to hundreds of small-scale rural entrepreneurs this festive season... Read More

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Funding the poor not a bad idea at all - 23 Apr 2012

Funding the poor not a bad idea at all. To keep this system as risk free as possible, Rang De requires all borrowers to be a part of a group, like a women's self-help group... Read More

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Lending a helping hand - 8 Mar 2011

Smita and her husband Ram returned to India from the UK and pooled in their saving Rs8 lakh to start a socila enterprise that aimed to provide a sustainable solution to the poverty stricken millions in rural and semi-urban India... Read More


World Cup helps micro-credit firm Rang De mobilise social investments - 4 Apr 2011

Team India might have earned a lot of goodies after winning the World Cup in grand style after a 28-year gap. But in doing so, it has inadvertently helped a Chennai-based, non-profit micro-credit firm Rang De to mobilise social investments worth Rs 9 lakh... Read More

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No Cookie Cutters Need Apply - 19 November 2010

Four years ago Smita Ram and Ramakrishna were troubled by the extremely high interest rates that microfinance companies were charging the poor. It occurred to them that peer lending and using an Internet-based model would help reduce interest rates. ... Read More

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The New Colour of Money - 25 September 2010

Have you ever wondered what happens to money that's sitting in your savings account, waiting to be withdrawn and used? I imagine it sitting in little stacks inside a steel vault or an ATM machine, waiting patiently for its day in the sun. But speak to Smita Ram ... Read More

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Capital with a Conscience - 4 September 2010

Chennai based book publisher Badri Seshadri is an unlikely lender. From time to time, he logs on to the peer to peer micro-lending platform Rang De, and lends sums as little as Rs. 500 to entrepreneurs in dire need of funds. He gets a 3.5% return on his efforts ... Read More

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Eclectic rendition - 19 August 2010

"We will not provide a traditional fare today, it will be an eclectic mix from various saints and composers," announced Gayatri (of the Ranjani & Gayatri duo) at Rang, the Freedom Concert put together for Bangalore by Rang De recently with The Hindu as me ... Read More

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Small investments usher in big change - 14 August 2010

Young investors provide working capital to women entrepreneurs in rural India through an online social lending platform. Smita Deodhar learns more about this unique empowerment model. Mitesh Tank, a young IT professional from Mumbai, was trawling on the ... Read More

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Young India is investing in poor rural women's dreams - 13 August 2010

Mitesh Tank, a young IT professional from Mumbai, was trawling on the Internet one day when he happened to read about 'India's first social lending platform', Rang De. Set up in 2008, Chennai-based Rang De used the internet to interface with individual le ... Read More

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Microcredit Takes Online Route - 05 July 2010

For the past 10 years, Jothi Vellagiri and her husband had been working hard as blacksmiths in Vannamada, a small town in Kerala. Jothi used to pound iron rods with a 10-kg hammer while her husband worked the furnace to make knives and swords. All this har ... Read More

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Rang De: India's first online platform for micro-credit - 27 June 2010

Kanakama Redi, a vegetable vendor in Puri, Orissa used to work from 8.00 am till late in the evening. Yet, most of her earnings were lost in repayment of the loan, availed at higher credit rates, to buy vegetables. Like her, Baban who makes bamboo baskets too coul ... Read More

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75 Startups You Can Bet On - 01 June 2010

Rang De is a web-based social initiative with a mission to provide cost effective microcredit to low income households in India. It enables individuals to participate in microcredit by lending as little as Rs. 100. Since January 2008, Rang De has reached out to ... Read More

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Rang De Takes microlending online - May 2010

Rang De is a social initiative that provides web based microcredit to lower income households across India. A closer look at those who encourage social investing. When founders Ramakrishna N.K and Smita Ramakrishna established Rang De, a C ... Read More

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Giving is cool - 27 December 2009

Former software consultant NK Ramakrishna, 35, and his social worker wife, Smita, 29, returned to chennai from the UK in 2006 with €6,000 in saving. But rather than use that money to buy a house or a luxury holiday, their plan was to help people who w ... Read More


P2P lending companies bring funds to the poor - 13 October, 2009

Bangalore: Himanshu S. is the founder and chief executive of user interface design firm Cheese Corporate Care, an enthusiastic squash player and an avid reader-all fine for your typical overachieving 29-year-old. He is also a a social investor looking for mor ... Read More


Money can make a difference - 13 October, 2009

A lot of people hesitate to donate money for a cause, more so when words like charity are attached to it. But would you lend a few lakhs to the not-too-well-off, if given a guarantee that you can withdraw the whole amount as with a bank deposit, when you want to ... Read More

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Net proceeds - 2 October, 2009

An Indian NGO is lifting people out of poverty and pushing the microcredit concept forward by linking borrowers with lenders online, writes Aditi Seshadri. When Kusum Nikose's husband died a few years ago, she decided to launch a small business rather than depe ... Read More

Rang De - Share the Colours of Joy - 2 February 2009

Ever since Dr. Muhammad Yunus had won the Noble Peace Prize in the year 2006, the concept of Microcredit has proven as one of the ways to solve the problem of poverty worldwide. In the similar lines start up 'Rang De' is working to introduce Microc ... Read More

Rang De, Share the colors of joy! - 21 January, 2009

It was five years ago that Dhanalakshmi decided to set up a small general store in her area. Her thrifty ways soon fetched her enough profits to acquire a milk agency. Her life partner is also her business partner, and operates from the same location, helping her to ... Read More

Reaching out to the needy - 22 June, 2008

Pushpa of Nagpur required a loan of Rs. 5,000 to give her petty shop a facelift. She supplements her income with a coin-operated public phone booth and a tailoring business. Pushpa wants to add groceries to the store, next. Impressed with the idea of m ... Read More