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Cashew de-shelling | Kumalankulam, Tamil Nadu

Loan status: Repaid

Written by - Meena N

Loan Details

Amount 8,000
Status 100 % Repaid
Repayment Mode Monthly
No.of Installment 12
Est. Disbursal date 10 Aug 2015
Est. First Repayment date 10 Sep 2015
Interest Rate Charged 10.0% flat p.a

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Impact Partner


Rural Education and Action for Liberation

Districts : Villupuram, Cuddalore, Pondicherry, Trichy

State : Tamilnadu

REAL works to capacitate the rural poor to become more active facilitators, effective enablers in building community based organizations to achieve social justice and equality within the community to make it a reality. REAL works for rural dalit, tribal women, children and aged, who are economically backward, discriminated and vulnerable at all levels.