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Yesamma -

Education loan | Chamrajpete, Karnataka

Loan status: Foreclosed

Written by - Shivani Gayakwad

Loan Details

Amount 10,000
Status 100 % Repaid
Repayment Mode Monthly
No.of Installment 12
Est. Disbursal date 12 Jul 2016
Est. First Repayment date 12 Aug 2016
Interest Rate Charged 6.5% flat p.a

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Impact Partner


Hasirudala (Green Force)

Districts : Bangalore

State : Karnataka

Is a member based organization of waste pickers of the informal sector, seeking to improve their conditions of work and ensuring their continued access to recyclables in the city of Bangalore. They work towards accessing benefits of various government programs, enhancing educational opportunities, ensuring social security, advancing the quality of their lives and strengthening their livelihoods.