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Rita Sing

School | Jiyarda, West Bengal

Loan status: Repaid

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Loan Details

Amount 14,000
Status 100 % Repaid
Repayment Mode Monthly
No.of Installment 12
Est. Disbursal date 17 Feb 2012
Est. First Repayment date 17 Mar 2012
Interest Rate Charged 5.0% flat p.a

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Impact Partner


Socio Economic Development Programme

Districts : Bankura

State : West Bengal

Socio Economic Development Programme (SEDP) was founded with a vision to create and alternative people's centered society based upon universally accepted human values of justice, peace, solidarity, equality, participation and self-reliance ensuring sustenance of nature's gift. The organization works towards the empowerment of the poor, the marginalized and disadvantaged groups mostly women.

SEDP works in some of the backward blocks such as Ranibandh, Raipur, Indpur, Hirbandh & Khatra in Bankura district of West Bengal. The district is situated on the banks of Dwarakeshwar and is home to a population of 3 million. Even though well known for its culture and its contributions to art and literature, West Bengal still has some of the most backward districts in the country.