Rang De's 'Sisters in Arms'

By Sushmita Banda

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The women in the Rang De Team salute the spirit and accomplishments of our borrowers. Come, join the 'Sisters in Arms’ campaign to empower our sisters in rural India.

Goal Rs. 65,000

Raised so far : Rs. 80,100
Still Remaining : Rs.

Target Date : 12 March, 2014



Borrowers Impacted

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Rang De's 'Sisters in Arms'

Sushmita Banda has started a campaign on Rang De to fight poverty in India by providing affordable microcredit to borrowers from low income households. You can also join the fight by becoming a Rang De social investor and supporting those who just need someone to believe in them.

Sushmita Banda has started a campaign on Rang De to fight poverty in India. Join the fight.


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