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What is a Rang De Chapter?

Rang De Chapters are groups of passionate individuals who are keen on contributing to social change for the underprivileged. A Rang De Chapter can be set up in any city, corporate or institution (universities, schools, societies, etc). As long as the core team members believe in Rang De and its mission, a chapter can be created to spread the cheer!

What does a Chapter do?

The Chapter works towards facilitating socio-economic equity in India by participating in bringing change and engaging more individuals for the cause. Some examples of the kind of activities that a Chapter undertakes are:

Building awareness about Rang De in the city, corporate or institution etc. that the Chapter is associated with

Engaging with corporates, groups, universities, resident associations, societies, individuals, and media to create consciousness about Rang De and the cause it represents

Conducting and attending relevant events to build awareness about Rang De and for raising funds

Working with video editors, writers, technology volunteers etc. in the locality to support Rang De’s work

Your first step towards being part of a Rang De Chapter