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A Great company does the right things.

None of us exists in vacuum. Neither as individuals nor as companies.

our milieu does more than just surround us. it defines us.

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Employee Giving

Employee giving programmes enhance the public figure of the corporate and also help build employee morale. If you don't have one, let us get together and plan one. And if you already have one, we could help you revitalize it and make it more effective. Get in touch and we could work out a brilliant campaign to keep the giving programme going.

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Is your company looking for an NGO to facilitate a sabbatical for your staff? Then Rang De is your answer. Connect with us and we could sketch out a sabbatical plan for your employee. This way, your employee can take a break from work and contribute to society, revive and refresh and get back to you as a socially responsible individual.

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Join over 20 corporate partners who work with us to transform livelihoods in low-income communities.

Take the step to help bring an end to poverty across India.

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