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S. No. Date Name Amount Comments
1 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 15000 Just a small contribution from my side. Keep doing the great work and inspiring others.
2 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1500 Om
3 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1000 .
4 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 7000 a smiley
5 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 2500 For everyone except Shilpa Kudos
6 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 10000 Kudos to the team! Keep up the great work.
7 15-Feb-2019 Anita Kalra K C Kalra 5100 Good cause
8 15-Feb-2019 Aalia 1500 Love respect and power to the intention setters of redefining life and purpose
9 14-Feb-2019 Shashank 1111 Cheers to a post modern architecture of change
10 12-Feb-2019 Nishant Kumar 10000 More power to the team
11 11-Feb-2019 Anonymous 600 Good going
12 05-Feb-2019 Anonymous 15000 Great work. Keep it going.
13 03-Feb-2019 Anonymous 7146 Great Cause
14 01-Feb-2019 Anonymous 5000 Only for Prakhar
15 30-Jan-2019 Anonymous 5000 More power to you prakhar
16 29-Jan-2019 Anonymous 5000 The most difficult part is not to lead but to prepare others to lead. Keep up the Good Work - CU
17 29-Jan-2019 Anonymous 2000 Keep up the great work. With love from Columbia U
18 29-Jan-2019 Anonymous 10000 Over the years I have come to believe that it is in small acts of love that we can change ourselves and the world. Thank you Youth Alliance for being so authentic and caring for many of us.
19 28-Jan-2019 Anonymous 1000 Keep going comrades

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