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S. No. Date Name Amount Comments
1 17-Apr-2019 Uthara Narayanan 1000 For a better world
2 09-Apr-2019 Anonymous 2000 My humble contribution to youth alliance for I will always feel indebted but thankful towards YA
3 29-Mar-2019 Anonymous 5000 Good work buddies. Love the way you work for the society.
4 29-Mar-2019 Anonymous 1000 More strength to the the small circles where hope lies!
5 29-Mar-2019 Anonymous 2500 XXX
6 29-Mar-2019 Anonymous 2000 All the best to this wonderful organisation for touching so many llives with your love & joy!
7 28-Mar-2019 Anonymous 2500 I appreciate this initiative. Congrats and all the very best.
8 27-Mar-2019 Abbas Dadla 5000 All the very best YA team
9 27-Mar-2019 Shrikant Nair 5000 All the best.
10 22-Mar-2019 Anonymous 2000 Love
11 19-Mar-2019 Anonymous 37638 2.7 it is. HBD. FYATTO.
12 19-Mar-2019 Anonymous 2000 Great work
13 19-Mar-2019 Anonymous 1111 A small token of love for Vibhuti and YA Team. May you all continue to rise and shine.
14 19-Mar-2019 Swapnil Kant Dixit 10000 May the youth lead!
15 19-Mar-2019 Anonymous 500 HBD Sister
16 17-Mar-2019 Anonymous 1000 Contribution for youth alliance
17 14-Mar-2019 Hardeep Singh 5000 Good Luck
18 13-Mar-2019 Anonymous 400 Donation for a good cause
19 13-Mar-2019 Rabish 3210 Lage raho bahua!
20 12-Mar-2019 Anonymous 350 More power to you.
21 10-Mar-2019 Anonymous 1000 Efforts are on. Look forward to do more!
22 08-Mar-2019 Anonymous 10000 Trust YA to build leadership from within for a post modern world. Good going.
23 07-Mar-2019 Anonymous 2500 2069
24 07-Mar-2019 Veena Padmanabhan 10000 Wishing Youth Alliance the very best
25 06-Mar-2019 Anonymous 2000 Keep up the good work
26 05-Mar-2019 KANIKA KAPOOR 1000 Because I believe in Srishti Shrimali’s vision and energy for the organisation
27 04-Mar-2019 Anonymous 10000 Keep going stronger and stronger!
28 03-Mar-2019 ALKA ALI 10000 Looking forward for more spaces like this. Aalia has inspired me to contribute for such great cause
29 02-Mar-2019 Anonymous 1234 Keep up the work to impact the intersubjective ways in which people experience and create reality.
30 27-Feb-2019 Anonymous 10000 All the best!!
31 25-Feb-2019 VVP Prasad 5000 All the best
32 23-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1000 All the best
33 22-Feb-2019 Dinesh 4000 I will contribute four thousand rs in two instalments. Good work keep doing
34 22-Feb-2019 Anonymous 500 Keep the good work up team!
35 21-Feb-2019 ms 10000 keep up the good work which you people are doing! best wishes
36 21-Feb-2019 Ritu Malik 5000 Donation
37 21-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1000 .
38 20-Feb-2019 K C Kalra 10000 Small contribution for change efforts
39 20-Feb-2019 Anonymous 500 Service to mankind is service to God.
40 18-Feb-2019 Anonymous 500 N/A
41 18-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1000 I believe in YA and Srishti Shrimali. God bless you all.
42 17-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1000 Srishti Shrimali
43 17-Feb-2019 SHRIMALI FINANCIAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED 5100 We believe in Srishti and Youth Alliance
44 17-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1000 For the good cause
45 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 15000 Just a small contribution from my side. Keep doing the great work and inspiring others.
46 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1500 Om
47 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 1000 .
48 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 7000 a smiley
49 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 2500 For everyone except Shilpa Kudos
50 16-Feb-2019 Anonymous 10000 Kudos to the team! Keep up the great work.
51 15-Feb-2019 Anita Kalra K C Kalra 5100 Good cause
52 15-Feb-2019 Aalia 1500 Love respect and power to the intention setters of redefining life and purpose
53 14-Feb-2019 Shashank 1111 Cheers to a post modern architecture of change
54 12-Feb-2019 Nishant Kumar 10000 More power to the team
55 11-Feb-2019 Anonymous 600 Good going
56 05-Feb-2019 Anonymous 15000 Great work. Keep it going.
57 03-Feb-2019 Anonymous 7146 Great Cause
58 01-Feb-2019 Anonymous 5000 Only for Prakhar
59 30-Jan-2019 Anonymous 5000 More power to you prakhar
60 29-Jan-2019 Anonymous 5000 The most difficult part is not to lead but to prepare others to lead. Keep up the Good Work - CU
61 29-Jan-2019 Anonymous 2000 Keep up the great work. With love from Columbia U
62 29-Jan-2019 Anonymous 10000 Over the years I have come to believe that it is in small acts of love that we can change ourselves and the world. Thank you Youth Alliance for being so authentic and caring for many of us.
63 28-Jan-2019 Anonymous 1000 Keep going comrades

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