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Marketing and processing of organic agricultural produce | Chennekothapalli, Andhra Pradesh

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New Beginning For Dharani Cooperative

Are you ready for a wonderful journey? Of a land that healed through time. Of farmers abandoning fertilizers and going the organic way? Every year, they go on www.rangde.org and with your help, we have crowdsourced multiple loans that they have repaid back again and again.

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About Dharani Cooperative before Rang De Loan

Dharani FaM Cooperative Ltd., registered in March 2008, is a federation of sanghas and a producer owned business enterprise in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The cooperative has been promoted by Timbaktu Collective, an organisation that was started by Bablu and Mary Ganguly with the aim of stopping degradation of land in Ananthapur, promoting environment sustainability, child rights and education, women rights and empowerment, livelihood generation activities and organic farming.

The vision of Dharani is to restore the ecologically beneficial farming practices of small-holder farmers, thus improving the health of the soil, the animals and the families of the farmers themselves while ensuring the continued viability of agriculture in the region.

Dharani has been formed to help the farmers with the post-production processes and marketing. It procures, stores, processes and markets its members’ produce under brand name Timbaktu Organic. Timbaktu Organic is a well-regarded organic food products brand and its products include millets, rice, pulses, oil, honey as well as readymade food mixes.

Dharani and Timbaktu Collective have been working with small farmers to bring them back into the fold of organic farming by providing technical assistance and directly improving the financial returns that the farmers get for their organic produce. Small and marginal farmers do not have the bargaining power or the socio-economic status to get a fair remuneration for their produce in a market that is dominated by local traders and a cooperative hence becomes an effective means to pool resources, distribute costs, and negotiate the volatility of the market. Last year the cooperative paid out a patronage bonus (distribution of profits) of Rs 5.5 lakhs to the member farmers.

Dharani needs a loan of Rs. 50 lakhs by December / January so as to procure the organic harvest of its 1800 member farmers. This loan will ensure that farmers receive fair prices for their crops and also provide employment to 100 women who will be hired to process and package the produce for the retail market.

Rang De will be raising the loan amount in 3 tranches and the first transfer of loan amount to Dharani will be in December 2015. Your support can strengthen Dharani cooperative and help its member farmers reap a more profitable harvest this year.

The loan repayment tenure will be 18 months with a 6 months moratorium period.

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