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Krishna Devi

Buffalo rearing | Manpur jaua, bahramnagar, Bihar

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New Beginning For Krishna Devi

Written by Thrishika Kanthraj

Imagine a limitless supply of worry. Imagine a piling stack of problems if you will. And then imagine a single, bony, 35-year-old woman at the center of it all, fighting from the front.

We met with Krishna Devi at her house in Sitamarhi in Bihar on an arid afternoon. She lives with her three children - Vikas, Mansa and Prins - while her husband is often away finding work in distant Punjab. Much like herself, the house has also seen its share of struggle.

Three years ago, Krishna Devi was newly married to her husband. She availed a loan of Rs. 29,000 from a local money lender to purchase an open plot on which to build her home. Although the house has been built, she is still caught in a cycle of debt as she has repaid interest on the loan which amounts to Rs. 150,000, five times the amount of the initial loan. Furthermore, she still owes him the principal and continues to pay interest.

Tormenting recovery agents and admonishing neighbours are a routine affair in her life.

Even Krishna Devi’s husband has struggled in recent years. Working for a paltry Rs. 2,500 per month, he has to pay nearly a fourth of his daily wage to middlemen who helped him get labour-related assignments in Punjab.

"Mainey aapko bulakey leke aaya. Maine aapko kaam dilwaya. Isiliye mujhe paisey chahiye," the middlemen would say.

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About Krishna Devi before Rang De Loan

To lead a comfortable life, Krishna Devi wishes to work hard and increase their family income. She belongs to a village of Sitamarhi, Bihar, and her family includes her husband and three children. Her husband works as a labour and she herself also works as an agricultural labour during farming season to supplement family income. Krishna now wishes to earn additionally by starting a cattle rearing activity through a Rang De loan. She plans to earn income by selling milk in the local milk collection center. So, she has high hopes from this funding which will help her in establishing the venture and fetch some additional income for the family. Krishna wishes to buy a buffalo with the Rang De loan money to start the venture.

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