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Chandu bhai Rathod

Weaver | Dedadara, Gujarat

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New Beginning For Chandu bhai Rathod

Chandu Bhai Rathod, a Tangaliya weaver, is from Surendranagar, Gujarat where the craft is practised traditionally by the Dangasia community. A seasoned hand at the loom, he has been awarded a National Merit Certificate (handloom weavers) for his excellent work and outstanding designs.

During his youth, he used to pick cotton for a living but eventually learnt how to weave. At 45, he has more than 12 years of experience weaving fabric from cotton and silk threads and is now training his son to follow in his footsteps.

With a keen eye for detail, he creates his own designs incorporating attractive motifs in beautiful colours. When we visited his workshop, he told us that one buyer was so fascinated by an exquisite shawl with elaborate dana-work (knots formed out of yarn) that he offered him Rs.1 lakh for it. However, Chandu Bhai was not to be parted from what was going to be his entry for a handloom award and politely turned the gentleman down by telling him that it was priceless and therefore, not for sale.

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About Chandu bhai Rathod before Rang De Loan

42 year old Chandu Bhai Rathod is a weaver by profession. He has been in the trade for 12 years. He lives with his family in Dedadara in the Surendranagar district of Gujurat. His son and daughter are presently studying in the 11th and 10th standard respectively. His parents are also living with him. All other five members of his family inclluding his wife rely on Chandu Bhai to provide for them. He manages to do this by working on his loom for 8 hours everyday. Weaving is a long process and it takes days to see the finished product. For Chandu Bhai, it is the only livelihood he has known.

Presently, he is in need of loan of Rs. 40000/-. He intends to use the funds to purchase raw materials and a new loom.  You can help Chandu Bhai continue with his livelihood by investing towards his loan. 


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