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Paper item making | Mohanpur, Jharkhand

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New Beginning For Shankari S

Written by Nishtha Sood

This is the story of Shankari, a woman from the Mohanpur village in East Singhbhum, Jharkhand, who decided to break the vicious circle of poverty by starting her own paper-bag making business. For this, she took a loan of Rs. 8000 from Rang De and purchased paper and stitching materials.

Working in this activity for the past 5-6 years, she is now looking forward to expanding it as well.

Currently, she is also a part of a 10-member SHG (self-help group), which is a body of 10 women who decided to support each other through financial and other ways.

Her efforts were successful to some extent and her husband, who was previously employed as a farm labourer, has now joined her venture.

Her SHG has been recognised by the local government that and appreciated for its integrity and diligence as well as the efforts it puts in to empower people as they have also been provided with a ration shop.

The responsibility of running the shop is divided among the members of the SHG - every day, one person runs the shop while another works as an assistant.

Now, with the help of this shop, each member of the SHG is able to save at-least Rs. 100 a month.

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About Shankari S before Rang De Loan

As we shun plastic bag in favor of eco-friendly living, paper bags have become the need of the hour. Our neighborhood stores are stocked with these carriers, but have you wondered where these come from? Small entrepreneurs like Shankari Shit are the people behind the scenes. The resident of Jharkhand's Mohanpur village has been making paper bags for almost a decade. The demand for paper bags is high and yields profits. But household expenses leave Shankari with little capital and she needs help to invest in her next batch of products. A loan of Rs. 8000 will allow her to travel to Kolkata and buy raw materials. With this investment she can make a fresh batch of bags and sell them in the local markets. Shankari’s work is not easy, but her income makes a great difference to her family and the higher education of her daughter.

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