Akthar Ameer jan

Footwear sellor | Indira colony, Karnataka

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New Beginning For Akthar Ameer jan

Wanting the best for her family, Akthar Ameen is relieved that the funds provided by people on www.rangde.org improved the family’s financial situation. Many rural entrepreneurs borrow from Rang De to invest and expand their business for higher profits. Loans from banks are either too expensive or unobtainable due to many difficulties in the process.

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About Akthar Ameer jan before Rang De Loan

The colorful display of footwears behind 44-year-old Akhtar Ameer is the main source of her income. She has been operating the shop since last six years. She has two unemployed daughters, and the burden of rising expenses are troubling this household of four. She wants to expand her shop by buying more footwear and some more raw materials. She has applied for a loan of Rs. 25000/- for the same. She works for nine hours daily in her shop and has good relations with her customers inviting more orders. Do invest in Akhtar Ameer's loan and help her get better returns from her shop.

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