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Charaka is a multi-purpose cooperative society operating in the village of Heggodu near Shimoga in Karnataka. In an area where women rarely had the opportunity to earn a living in the recent past, Charaka brought alive the 'khadi' or handloom weaving tradition of the region and is now securing employment for over 450 individuals across Karnataka. General manager Bhagirathi explains how Charaka have benefitted from Rang De support and wishes that we achieve similar fruitful partnerships with other organizations involved in the rural development sector. Support this Rang De field partner and many others at today.

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About Charaka Desi before Rang De Loan

Located in Bhimanakone village of Shimoga district in Karnataka, Charaka is a multi-purpose cooperative society engaged in the production of naturally dyed handloom products that are marketed under the brand name ‘Desi’ nationwide. Charaka provides employment to around 150 women who are also their own paymasters and take an active role in managing the day-to-day operations of the production unit. The seeds of the organization were sown by “Kavi Kavya”, a trust comprising artists, playwrights, thespians who toured the region to understand the socio-economic and cultural practices of the local community. To provide the local women access to sustainable livelihoods, Kavi Kavya started an experimental training centre that taught women how to weave. In 1996, Charaka Society was born and took over the reins from Kavi Kavya. Apart from purchase of raw yarn, everything from spinning, to dyeing, to stitching is done in house at the Charaka centre. Using extracts of naturally occurring raw materials such as Areca Nut, Pomegranate, Jaggery, Rusted Iron nails, the yarn is dyed using traditional dyeing methods. Dyed yarns is then spun and woven into fabric that is cut, stitched into finished products such as shirts, kurtas, bags etc. The products are sold under the brand name ‘Desi’ in stores located in Bangalore and Mysore. Charaka requires a low interest Rang De loan of Rs. 5,00,000/- to purchase raw material and to pay wages to its members. The loan tenure will be 18 months. Do invest in Charaka’s loan and help this remarkable cooperative bring prosperity into the homes of the women of Shimoga.

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