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New Beginning For Lakshmi J.c.road

Written by Kavya Rao

“What would you get after going to school? You would just waste our money and your life. Start earning.”

This is how Lakshmi’s parents ended her dream of going to school. Lakshmi is now a 25-year-old widow who works as a waste picker in Bengaluru.

Married at an early age, Lakshmi is the mother of two sons, Purushothaman (7) and Bharath (9). She lost her husband to dengue and was left all alone with two young children and no source of income.

After her husband’s death, she was unable to provide her children with a single meal. “We ate curry puffs for 8 days because that’s all we could afford,” she recalls.

The people in her community were helpful but Lakshmi wanted to earn her own money with dignity. With no education to help her, she began doing what the others in her locality were doing - picking paper, sorting it and selling it for a small margin.

Lakshmi pays nearly Rs. 2000 every month for her sons’ education. As a waste picker whose earnings are as low as Rs. 100 on some days, she had no choice but to to take a loan from a money lender.

When she heard about the loans offered by Rang De, she took one for her children’s education. She is happy that Rang De’s loans are affordable - she currently has to pay Rs. 1800 per month but she is positive because she knows that the loan will be done by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, she is still stuck repaying Rs. 1000 to the money lender and that is just the interest amount. Such loans take the longest time to end and she doesn’t want to be stuck repaying it forever.

But this does not discourage her - she is confident that if she gets another Rang De loan, she can repay the earlier one and be freed from this extra worry.

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About Lakshmi J.c.road before Rang De Loan

Lakshmi is a widow, who earns a life of dignity. A waste picker by profession, she aspires for a better life for her two young sons - Purushotham and Bharath. In junior school, their school fees and expenses are becoming difficult to meet. Lakshmi would like a loan from Rang De to pay their school fees, help buy their books and stationery and also invest in some quality tuition for them. She is uneducated and cannot help her children with any queries - but she can and is providing a support structure for them to do so. A good school, proper support at tuition and all their books - and belief in her children. Help Support Lakshmi keep her faith. Help her educate her sons.

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