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New Beginning For Malini Kumar

On the second day of a recent field audit, our team visited the NULM (National Urban Livelihood Mission) homes in Bangalore where we met with borrowers who are members of Hasirudala, a waste pickers’ non-profit organization.

Most of them are women, perhaps, even the same women you have seen picking through the piles of garbage by the roadside in your neighborhood. At one time, they endured hardship and barely earned enough to support themselves, let alone a family. But with Hasirudala’s help, they have come far.

From small beginnings in Bangalore, Hasirudala has more than 7500 members and has spread out its operations to Neelamangla, Tumakuru, and Mysuru. The organization helps its members to get occupational identity cards issued by the government. This is turn helps them gain access to social welfare schemes and better microfinance options, among other benefits.

It is through Hasirudala that Malini Kumar has been able to apply for an educational loan for two of her children.

Malini’s story is not unfamiliar. She lives with her husband and four children in a NULM house in LR Nagar. Her husband is a painter by trade and earns around Rs.6000 per month.

He, however, spends none of this on household expenses but drinks away every penny. With no education to fall upon and no support from her husband, Malini took to picking and segregating waste in order to feed her children.

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About Malini Kumar before Rang De Loan

Do we know that in our nation there are people who struggle to get even a basic education? They don't have any financial aid to support their education. Their family status is a huge barrier for them. Malini Kumar is from Bangalore, Karnataka. She is a mother of four children, three sons and a daughter. Her sons Rohith and Karan are studying 5th and 3rd grade respectively in a government school. Rohith wants to become an engineer in future. Karan wants to become a policeman. Malini didn't get any education. She is uneducated and didn't go for any work. Her husband is a coolie. He is the sole person working in their family. They want their children to have a good education.

But, she couldn't be able to meet the educational expenses of their children. So she planned to take an educational loan. So she applied for the loan amount of Rs. 20000/- to meet the education expenses of her children. This money will be helpful for her to pay the tuition fee and buy a uniform and a cycle for her children. Your contribution is the stepping stone to attain their dream. So come forward to help them.

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