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Flowers businesss | Mysouru, Karnataka

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New Beginning For Manjula Babu

After the factory where Manjula’s husband, Babu, worked had to shut down, they moved to Mysore and started their own flower business. Manjula grows the flowers and Babu exports them to other towns and cities. Many families are constantly forced to move and start their own ventures in this manner. Usually, it is hard for them to obtain loans to start such businesses especially when they lack collateral. Make a difference in the lives of rural Indians on

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About Manjula Babu before Rang De Loan

Manjula Babu is a 32-year-old homemaker who sells flowers in order to support her husband who works as a coolie and her son who is currently in the 7th Standard. Currently, she has a shortage of funds for buying flowers for her business daily and also she needs to keep some amount in reserve to get more flowers during festivals when there is a great demand. On the other hand, if she fails to make the sales on certain days, flowers can't be stored as there is no method for cold storage and she has to incur losses.

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