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Manjunatha h.c. Hunsur

Food stall | Hunsur, Karnataka

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New Beginning For Manjunatha h.c. Hunsur

Written by Naimal Sohail

Tears welled up in 38-year-old Manjunatha’s eyes when he dug deep into the recesses of his mind, unearthing some of the tragic memories of his family's past. We often hear of rags to riches stories but he had a riches to rags one.

A son of a hotelier in Hyderabad, Manjunatha’s father dreamed for his success, just as all fathers do. The whole family rejoiced when Manjunatha attained a diploma in engineering from Mysore. Many congratulated the newly-made engineer as he joined LNT, a reputable IT services company, in Hyderabad. He felt honoured by the opportunity but little did he know about the storm that was brewing and how it would whirl his life into a completely different direction.

As fate would have it, Manjunatha’s father’s hotel suffered heavy losses. The blow was so harsh that it knocked the entire family out of their very own house along with the status they had achieved after years of hard work.

Being the earnest son that he was, Manjunatha opted to lose everything he had strived for in Hyderabad to lend his emotional support to a family that had done the same for him ever since he was a little boy.

With his father’s blood pumping through his veins, Manjunatha drew up a plan, involved in the food business, to focus his energies on. It was a simple yet uplifting thought of starting a meal service.

Initially, he had to come to terms with the fact that the house they were living in was not their own but one they had to take on rent. The skyrocketing prices were a constant headache for a man who earned less than Rs 500 per day, most of it going into paying for expenses.

This simple man clung on to hope in the middle of despair.

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About Manjunatha h.c. Hunsur before Rang De Loan

Manjunatha H C lives in Hunsur taluk of Mysore district in Karnataka. He has been running a mobile canteen for about 10 years, selling idly, dosa, and other breakfast items. He has a small family to care for. His eatery is popular, because he has tried to avoid the use of plastic, instead serving the food in plantain leaves. At this stage he wishes to stock up on several raw ingredients that are daily necessities in his catering service. A loan of Rs. 10,000 will help him buy and stock these food products and cooking utensils such as rice, dal, oil, vessels etc.

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