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M.d. Kaleel

Daily waste collection centre | Bangalore, Karnataka

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As the road curves past the police station in Dasarahalli, our cab stops in front of an asbestos-roofed godown. The yard outside the center is lined with piles of bundles containing paper, cans, cartons and other discarded dry waste. Inside the godown, a few workers are busy segregating mounds of household trash.

Around 30 autos bring dry waste from different neighborhoods and sell it to Mohammad Khalil, the man who runs this collection center. Six years ago, Mohammad used to run a waste paper mart out on the main road. When he began an association with Hasirudala, they proposed that he handle one of their DWCC (dry waste collection centers); an offer he eagerly took up.

His business has grown since he joined Hasirudala. He employs around 12 people who segregate and package waste in sacks ready for transportation to a local recycling factory. Mohammad buys dry waste for around Rs.8 per kilo and sells it to the factory for a price of Rs.10-Rs.12 per kilo. Over 15 types of waste amounting to 2 tons are bought and sold to bulk scrap dealers every 2-3 days.

However, business has come to a practically a standstill in the past two months. Ever since the GST rollout, prices have dropped and what used to fetch Rs.20 per kilo now brings in only Rs.17 per kilo. Mohammad is also now required to prepare bills or he could end up losing Rs.18000 per Rs.100000 worth of goods sold.

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About M.d. Kaleel before Rang De Loan

M.D.Kaleel, 48 runs a dry waste collection centre in Bangalore. With over 30 years of experience in the dry waste business, Kaleel now has his own centre. His centre employees 12 people and he makes it a point to pay them the wages they deserve. Kaleel is aware of the struggles of working individually from low income to police intimidation, he has faced it all. He ensures that the people working under him do not have to face the troubles he has faced in his past. His centre makes a monthly income of Rs. 1 lakh of which he spends over Rs. 80000/- on wages and other expenditure. In the end, Kaleel is left with Rs. 10-12K for himself. The amount he earns is barely sufficient for him and his family which comprises of his wife, four sons and one daughter. He is aware that he needs to expand his business to increase his income. He now operates by purchasing two tonnes of scrap, which he hopes to increase. Kaleel feels that expanding his business will also allow him to employ a couple of more people. Kaleel requires Rs. 50000/- to expand his business and has applied for a loan of the same amount. By investing in his loan you can ensure a better life for him and his family. The expansion of his business will ensure more employment opportunities to people.

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