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Rizwan tabasum Mazzar pasha

Agricultural produce sales | Halgnahalli, Karnataka

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New Beginning For Rizwan tabasum Mazzar pasha

We met Rizwan Tabasum Mazzar Pasha at her home in Halgnahalli village where she lives with her husband and two sons. She runs a home-based enterprise and has been in business for nearly ten years. It involves buying low-quality ginger from farmers in the Mysuru region for Rs.6-Rs.8 kg and then laying it out on sheets to dry in the sun. Once the ginger is dried, she crushes it and sells the powder at Rs.25 per kg to pharmaceutical companies.

Tabasum is in direct contact with these companies and is known to be a reliable supplier of well-powdered ginger. Despite enjoying a good rapport with them, she struggles to improve the business on her own. She tells us that her monthly income of Rs.2000 does not cover the cost of buying large quantities of ginger on a regular basis. Last year, however, brought her some respite.

She heard about Rang De through a local NGO and applied for her first livelihood enhancement loan. The funds were helpful in paying the farmers for their ginger crop and increased profits by 15%.

She explained that although the business had potential, it was difficult to get adequate funding for it and there were few lenders who were willing to give her a loan. Even her SHG’s attempts to get a bank loan as a collective failed, as they did not have all the required documents.

The women in the group maintain good savings and are thinking of buying a cleaning machine for those engaged in the powdered ginger business, which they plan to keep at the SHG office. Tabasum explains that the drying process is very important but this is sometimes hindered due to rains or damp weather. Ginger catches fungus easily and makes the job of manually cleaning it a lot harder.

A cleaning machine and a shed for storing ginger would greatly reduce time and effort and prevent the raw material from getting spoilt. Presently, they are looking to raise Rs.1.5 lakhs to fund their plans.

On the home front, Tabasum’s family has been doing well. Both sons are grown up and have settled into their own careers. One is a farmer while the other is an engineer. Her husband Mazzar Pasha who is a vegetable farmer is supportive of her decisions and helps her whenever he can.

Thank you for contributing to Tabasum’s loan. We hope you will continue with us on our journey to reach out to more rural entrepreneurs who need affordable credit.

If you would like to help other women who are in need of an affordable loan, please click on the link.

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About Rizwan tabasum Mazzar pasha before Rang De Loan

48-years-old Rizwan T Mazzar Pasha lives in Mysuru district of Karnataka. Since childhood she had a dream to stay in a lavish bungalow and to provide her sons with the best education. Working day and night in her agro based business of selling ginger she gets to face many challenges. Above all the hurdles "money" is the biggest one. Trying hard to win the war against poverty, they sometimes get injured, mentally and lose hope. Rizwan buys ginger in a huge bulk from wholesale and sells them in local market for a small amount of profit.

With only Rs. 60000/- , annual income they hardly make the ends meet . She now wants to enhance her business and to sell better quality ginger to please the customers. Some money has been saved by her but for the rest Rs. 25000/-, she needs a loan from Rang De. Therefore, invest today in her to help her raise her sons in a better environment.

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