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In Bangalore, the contribution of waste pickers and sorters is slow in receiving the consideration they deserve for the services they render to society. They provide alternative waste management options which include the combined efforts of segregators, scrap dealers, and recycling factories.

Their lives outside of their jobs are gradually starting to see improvement. Part of this is due to organizations such as Hasirudala which work towards integrating the informal waste sector under one banner and providing them with stable incomes and facilitating access to social security. Better incomes have led to many members being able to provide better for their children, as is seen from the rising trend in private school enrollment.

For 46-year-old Savithri who is a waste segregator, becoming a member of Hasirudala has been a sound decision.

Savithri lives with her family in Jolly Mohalla, a neighborhood in Sultanpete which is known for its scrap dealers and waste markets. Her home is close to St.Theresa’s school, a private school where her youngest child is studying. She was able to enroll Subiksha here after availing an education loan from Rang De.

During an interaction with Savithri, our field team learned that the loan was used to pay for little Subiksha’s uniform, books, and tuition fees. She told us that while the installments were convenient to pay, she required a higher loan amount since educational costs keep increasing.

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About Savithri - before Rang De Loan

In spite of being uneducated, Savithri and her husband know the importance of education in life. Savithri lives under a thatched roof in Bangalore with her family. Her family comprises of her 50 years old husband who is a rag picker and three children. His 21 years old son Vijay is studying in 10th standard whereases her two daughters 19 years old daughter Sarojini and 4 years old Subeeksha studies in 10th and LKG respectively. The family goes through a lot of struggle in their daily life from bringing water from 5km of radius to having access to public toilets. Ragpicking being the only source of income in this family Savithri cannot think of saving Rs.10,000. Therefore, she is has applied for a loan of Rs.10,000 . Availability of the credit will fulfill her dream of educating her children. Education is the movement from darkness to light. Help this family in moving out of the darkness by investing in their children's education.

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