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Shanthamma Ningarajegowda

Cow rearing | Margowdnahalli, Karnataka

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New Beginning For Shanthamma Ningarajegowda

Dairy farming provides gainful employment to rural women and gives them steady incomes. It is common to find a few cows or a buffalo tethered to a tree or stake next to several village homes. The job of feeding, watering and bathing the animals generally falls to the women of the house while herding and grazing duties are mostly done by the men. In Shanthamma Ningarajegowda’s home, all the dairying chores are handled by her.

Her son is busy with his job as a KSRTC bus conductor in Mysuru district while her husband finds it hard to engage in any work owing to ill health. Of her two daughters, one is married while the youngest cannot help with chores as she suffers from a heart problem. Shanthamma not only looks after her cows but also has to care for her daughter with special needs and her husband.

Although she has so much to do, Shanthamma does not complain. She stretches the income that she gets from cow rearing and also receives financial help from her son. Previously, she had two cows of which one died and one no longer gives any milk. Once the milk stopped, Shanthamma’s income from selling it stopped as well leaving the family with many unpaid bills. Worried that they would fall into debt, she seized the opportunity to take a low-interest loan from Rang De to buy a milch cow. She bought one for Rs.38000, most of which was covered under the loan. Her son dipped into his savings for the remainder and helped his mother with the purchase.

Shanthamma tells us that the cow gives 5 litres of milk every day and has boosted her income to Rs.4500 per month. We were happy to learn that she has taken the precautionary measure of insuring the animal for Rs.6000 thereby safeguarding her investment in the event of its death. She plans on buying two more cows so that she can earn a good deal more in the future.

Being involved in the SHG has helped her engage with the Margowdnahalli village community at large. The group members donate food, clothes and other essentials to a local orphanage as part of their social outreach initiative. We hope that Shanthamma’s dairy business expands and provides her with the means to take care of her family, seeing that they heavily rely on her for their well-being.

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About Shanthamma Ningarajegowda before Rang De Loan

46-year old Shanthamma Ningarajegowda lives in Margowdnahalli village in Mysuru in the state of Karnataka with her husband and a son. Her husband works as a farmer and earns around Rs 35000/- annually. And her son is studying in the pre-university course.

Shanthamma has been involved in dairy farming for 8 years. She rears a cow and sells its milk for money. As she belongs to a family having an agricultural background, rearing cow has been relatively easy for her than those dairy farmers who are from the non-agricultural background. She keeps her cow at the extension of her home, feeds her and gets its milk. This place is like a mini cow stable.The problem she faces in her dairy business is when her cow gets pregnant. During this period, milk production gets stopped and along with that her income too. She wants to purchase another cow to overcome this difficulty and also to expand her dairy business. She seeks a loan of Rs 30000/- for that purpose. Do help her in this regard.

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