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Sujatha Ramashetti

Cloth business | Hullahalli, Karnataka

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New Beginning For Sujatha Ramashetti

When we asked Sujatha Ramashetti to pose for a photo, she obliged us with a shy smile and afterwards, sat down to talk to us. A little hesitant in the beginning, she soon warmed up to talking about her home-based business. For the past five years, Sujatha has been selling clothes to customers living in and around her neighbourhood.

She mostly stocks sarees, dress materials and clothing for children as these sell the quickest and give the best profits. She explained that she normally buys clothing from wholesalers in bulk to save on travel time and to reduce the cost of transportation. But buying in bulk requires readily available working capital. Since her husband is also engaged in the same trade, there was no alternative way to raise the necessary money.

The couple was not in the habit of approaching moneylenders and had somehow managed to run the business with their limited savings and borrowings from family members. It was only after hearing about Rang De and listening to the testimonials of SHG members that they felt confident enough to apply for a loan of Rs.25000.

With this fresh capital, Sujatha went to the wholesale shop and spent Rs.10000 on sarees, Rs.7000 on dress materials and Rs.8000 on children’s clothing. The fresh stock has been carefully picked, keeping in mind the type of designs and outfits that are popular among her loyal customers.

We were happy to hear that the new stock is selling well and has contributed to significantly increasing Sujatha’s monthly earnings. She saves around Rs.3000 every month and has bought a new mobile phone for herself, thanks to the increase in income. Even after repaying Rs.1460 as the monthly loan instalment, she has plenty of room to maintain regular savings.

Thank you for lending a hand to Sujatha and supporting her loan with a contribution. If you would like to help other women who are in need of an affordable loan, please click on the link.

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About Sujatha Ramashetti before Rang De Loan

At the current setting, instalment on all the products we buy has become very normal, but instalment on sarees is a very unique aspect which Ms. Sujatha Ramashetti uses in her saree business, and that surely has added a positive vibe into her business. Living in a village called Hullahalli, in Karnataka, she is doing her saree sale business for the past five years.

While this is her primary source of income, she wants to increase her stock availability, and therefore she wants to invest on her business. But, that's where the trouble is, because she doesn't have any capital amount to invest. She hopes that someone would help her with Rs. 25000/- which will enable her buy some good designer sarees, kids clothing and also other dress materials to increase her profit.

You be the kind heart to help her with her need!

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