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New Beginning For Valliyamma Shekar

Written by Vishwajeet Bhosale

Valliyamma Shekar met with Rang De team members Farheen and Suhas in May 2016. An inhabitant of Jolly Mohalla - a densely populated settlement in central Bangalore - she had applied to Rang De for a loan of Rs. 10,000 in July 2015. This loan was availed for meeting the schooling expenses of her children – Jennifer, Thomas and Stella.

Her eldest daughter Jennifer dreams of becoming a doctor one day while her son Thomas loves dancing and wants to be a choreographer. As diverse as these interests seem, Valliyamma Shekar understands the value of education having studied only till grade 3.

Not one to force her opinions on her children, “I never got the opportunity to continue education, so I want to educate my children. I will not force them to study only specific subjects, I want them to pursue their passion," she says.

With a liberal outlook and a drive to support it as far as possible, maybe she does set a bigger example after all.

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About Valliyamma Shekar before Rang De Loan

Jennifer is a 11-year old girl, who was born in an under-privileged community. Her ambition is to become a doctor. Jennifer lives with her parents and little brother in Bangalore, Karnataka. Jennifer's father, Shekar works as sorter at a 'Dry Waste Collection Centre'. Jennifer's parents aren't very well educated. But that doesn't stop her from studying well and dreaming big. In fact, it spurs her on. While Jennifer is preparing to start class 6 in St. Theresa Private school, her mother Valliyamma Shekar has approached Rang De for an educational loan of Rs. 10,000. The money will take care of Jennifer's tuition fees and the cost of uniforms and books. By investing in Jennifer's education, you will help her and many kids like her achieve their dreams. More importantly, you will show adults, that India can be 'The land of dreams', too.

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