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New Beginning For Yasmeen Chan pasha

Of the many borrowers that we met during a recent field visit to Lakshman Rao Nagar, 40-year-old Yasmeen Chan Pasha certainly made an impression. She answered our questions with clipped and precise responses. Here was a busy woman whose time meant a good deal to her. As she told us her story, we understood why she had little time to waste.

Yasmeen earns a living by going door to door and collecting waste which she, in turn, sells to dry waste collection centers. She belongs to Hasirudala’s community of waste workers and also works as a maid in a house nearby. Working both jobs helps her bring home Rs.8000 – Rs.9000 per month, making her the main earning member of the family.

She is a widow and lives in LR Nagar with her three children. Her eldest son makes a living as a welder and earns a monthly income of Rs.6000. Her daughter Shabereen is enrolled at a convent school for girls while her son Sekhadar studies in another private school. Yasmeen had been sending the children to a government school previously but switched to a private institution after taking a Rang De education loan.

While speaking to her, it became quite clear to us that she was a no-nonsense mum. “The children have to invest time in studying as much as I am investing in their education”, she says. She is equally exacting with her elder son and makes sure he contributes his earnings to help run the household.

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About Yasmeen Chan pasha before Rang De Loan

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Yasmeen Chan Pasha lives in Bangalore. Her husband, Chan Pasha is a daily wage employee. She has three children, two daughters, and a son. Her daughters, Soumya and Shabrin are studying in the 10th and 8th grades respectively. Her son, Sekhadar studies in the 5th standard. Due to high educational expense, she is unable to afford and cater to the needs of her children. Her husband being the lone breadwinner finds it difficult to meet the ends.

Yasmeen has requested for a loan of Rs 30,000 to pay the shool fees, tuition fees and for the purchase of the books and stationary items.She wants to provide all the support to educate her children and realize their dreams. Shabrin aspires to become a teacher and Sekhadar, an advocate.

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