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Khimiya Yadav

Dairy products | Binjhiya, Madhya Pradesh

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New Beginning For Khimiya Yadav

Khimiya Yadav, 56, applied for her very first loan early last year. A widow, she is supported by her oldest son Sunil who works as a labourer and daughter-in-law Rekha. The fourth member of this family is Sailesh who is studying in a local college. Paying for his expenses has not been easy for Khimiya and Sunil but the family is determined to see its youngest member earn a degree. Khimiya also engages in labour work from time to time but avoids strenuous physical labour in light of her age. The limited income she earns does not go very far in a month as she does not get much work.

She decided cattle rearing would be a good way to earn extra money and since it was a traditional livelihood that had served her family well for generations, it would be easy to manage alongside her other duties. Udyogini, an NGO working with marginalised communities in Mandla district, facilitated the loan which was raised on our website. On receiving the funds, Khimiya went to the nearest animal market and bought a cow. It is a healthy animal that regularly gives 8 litres of milk per day and is a valuable addition to her household.

Her income has been steady at Rs.3000, giving her the opportunity to save Rs.500 every month. We are happy to report that she has repaid her loan in full without missing a single monthly instalment and has applied for a second one. She tells us that she has saved enough to combine with the new loan funds to buy a jersey cow, a breed that is known to produce large quantities of milk in a day.

Women like Khimiya Yadav are truly an inspiration to us in that they strive towards uplifting their families through hard work and resourcefulness.

Thank you for helping her initiate a new livelihood that is providing her family with a source of much-needed income. If you would like to help other women from Madhya Pradesh, please click on the link.

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About Khimiya Yadav before Rang De Loan

Khimiya Yadav is 55 years old and lives in  Binjhiya, a village in Madhya Pradesh.

She is involved in  Dairy Business, to strengthen the existing business apart from what she is currently doing, she wants to purchase one more cow.

Her biggest challenge is that she is unable to find proper financial linkages.  

From this business, she earns an income of Rs. 90,000 annually. Her family consists of her son Sunil, his wife Rekha and her second son Sailesh who is studying.

Sunil and Rekha both work and help Khimiya in running the house.

Khimiya Yadav has applied for a loan of Rs. 5000/- for the purpose of her business. This is her first loan from Rang De and she is hopeful that these funds will help improve her income. Do make a small investment in her hope, invest in her loan.

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