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New Beginning For Manish Verma

Manish Verma from Khategaon, Dewas district, is a student pursuing a B.Sc Computer Science degree at SSISM, an institute that helps youngsters from villages in Madhya Pradesh access affordable higher education. A hardworking young man,

Manish belongs to a large family. He has two siblings – a sister who is enrolled in a BA programme and a brother who successfully completed his B.Com course and is now working in a two-wheeler finance company. The three of them are the children of Maheshchandra, a barber and Rekha Bai, a housewife.

Although neither of the parents could complete their own schooling, they have struggled to ensure that their children go beyond secondary education. They have managed to get this far on a small monthly income of Rs.8000, with most of their savings going towards college fees.

For his part, Manish is steady with his grades and has secured an average of 66% in the past semesters. We met him on a recent trip to Dewas and learnt that he does not want to stop with under-graduation. If he can raise the money, he intends to pursue a Master’s programme so that he gets access to better job opportunities in the long run.

Thank you for funding Manish’s loan. Your contribution fulfilled a crucial need of the borrower at the right time and has given him hope for a brighter future.

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About Manish Verma before Rang De Loan

Seeing many others take Rang De education loans and finance their education, Manish Verma from Madhya Pradesh has also decided to apply for one. This institute does what it can to help these students beyond getting them access to an affordable education loan. His parents considered the decision for a long time and are risking a lot by sending their child to university as they would have surely wanted to have an additional source of income when he turned 18. Without this loan, the family could have even considered a drastic measure like selling assets or land and such families usually struggle in the future when they carry out such costly measures.

Your contribution to this education loan is what allows us to keep the rates low so that these students do not have a difficult time repaying over the duration of the course. Given the favourable nature of the loan (they only need to pay twice a year) and the low rates, it is easy for the family to repay the amount. Students from rural universities should get every bit of support as students from urban areas do and this is one way you can help bridge the divide that currently exists in the education finance sector. If education is the best investment that a parent can make towards their child's future, it is not an easy one for the ones in rural India, especially for the tertiary education. You can make it easier by contributing to this loan.

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