Savitri Jatav

Dona plate making | Morar, Madhya Pradesh

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New Beginning For Savitri Jatav

Savitri Jatav works as a scrap dealer in the Morar district in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh (Find the full story online here - She has taken three successive Rang De loans to support her scrap vending business. She buys scrap from households in exchange of homemade snack items and sells the scrap at a higher price.

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About Savitri Jatav before Rang De Loan

Savitri Jatav has taken up dona plate making activity to help her husband with the family's financials. She has been doing this activity for the past 3 years and has good knowledge about her business. She works 6 hours a day. As there is no competition in this business in her locality, she knows there is a good demand for these kind of plates. She wants to take up a loan for Rs.12000/- and increase the volume of her business to earn extra income. She hopes to get the same support from Rang De social investors as before.

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