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Sunita Gond

Village level service center | Paraitalai, Madhya Pradesh

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New Beginning For Sunita Gond

Written by Kavya Rao

Rang De team member Pramod had to walk three kilometers to reach Paraitalai in Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh. The roads were inaccessible due to rain and people were left with no choice. Mandla, a remote district in Madhya Pradesh has a forest cover of nearly 60 percent.

A majority of the residents of this area are from a tribal community and never received much education. With barely any connection to urban areas, the people of Mandla still follow archaic traditions. Men and women do not have equal rights and women spend most of their time at home.

Our field partner Udyogini operates in this area and works to empower the women of Mandla. All of the borrowers from Mandla brought in by Udyogini are women, most seeking to start a new business.

It is really hard to fight against inequality. Sunita Gond has fought against this inequality and is now the proud owner of two businesses. Furthermore, she enrolled her daughter in a private school and her sons in a government school because Sunita realized that her daughter showed more potential. Enrolling them all in a private school was not a financially viable option.

Sunita runs a village level service centre (VLSC). VLSCs are usually set up so that the people of a village can purchase everything in one shop. Sadly for Sunita, there are a number of VLSCs in her village and the competition is high. With hardly any profit from her store, she started questioning her decision of starting the VLSC as well.

Before setting up her shop, Sunita attended training sessions at Udyogini where she learnt the basics of running a business. Based on those teachings, she decided to expand her business. She spent days trying to figure out a plan for her business when she came across an idea.

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About Sunita Gond before Rang De Loan

Sunita has always supported her husband in running her family smoothly. But now looking at the growing needs of her children she is quite worried. With only agriculture they barely manage to feed themselves for 7-9 months in a year, the grocery shop supports them a lot more that way. She would like to increase the services from her outlet and begin aggregation services of Non Timber Forest Produce and seasonal crop from the village. She will invest Rs. 8,000 to the loan of Rs. 10,000 which she will borrow from Rang De. The outlet will try to serve the multiple needs of the people from the village so that they do not need to travel 3-4 Km for all their petty needs.

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