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Asma nasrin Mo.tahim

Tailoring | Pusad, Maharashtra

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When 31-year-old Asma Nasrin approached us for a loan, she was uncertain and worried as she and her husband, a tailor, were not in the habit of taking loans. Fear of getting caught in a debt trap kept them away from availing credit to start a new business although the family desperately needed extra money. But living on a single income with two school-going children was no longer an option.

At the time of receiving the loan, Asma was pleasantly surprised by the ease of disbursal and simple terms of repayment. She was able to buy a sewing machine as well as a starter kit of threads, tailoring scissors and other equipment to help set up her small business. With her husband’s help, she has begun taking orders from people living in her neighbourhood.

When we met Asma, she was not keeping very well. She complained about the discomfort of using the bathroom in her yard as the family did not have one attached to their home. But at this point, constructing a toilet is not their main priority. All her earnings go towards paying for her children’s tuition fees. Asma married young and could only study till class 9. She tells us that has no intention of getting either her son or daughter married before they complete their education.

She sees the potential to grow her business and plans to eventually buy more sewing machines and hire workers to churn out a better profit. She hopes that we will support her in her future efforts to enhance the business.

Thank you for investing in Asma Nasrin’s loan and helping her stand on her own feet. If you would like to help borrowers from Maharashtra, please click on the link.

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About Asma nasrin Mo.tahim before Rang De Loan

No doubt, there are businesses that can do pretty well only in bigger cities so also there are businesses that can thrive pretty well in small towns. Tailoring is one such popular category that requires minimum investment and return are really high. If one is creative, tailoring offers lots of opportunities to express oneself. 

31 year old, Asma Tahin resides in the Pusad village of Maharashtra. She is married to Tahim and they together have two children, Sahil and Sadap.  With a hope to give a better upbringing and quality education to her children, this mother from the countryside has approached Rang De. She is in need of capital support of Rs. 10000. She is planning to set up a small tailoring unit in her home. She will utilise the loan amount for purchasing  a sewing machine, cloth material and other raw materials. 

Your contribution can ensure a secure future for her children and also help the family take a major step towards economic development.

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