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Bebi vilas mule

Tiffin center | Pusad, Maharashtra

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New Beginning For Bebi vilas mule

Bebi Vilas Mule always nurtured the dream of running a business of her own to support the family. She has 3 customers who visit her for lunch everyday and she supplies meals to 3 other people. She used the loan to purchase groceries to run her mess. Bebi earns close to Rs 1500 per month and would like to continue with the same business. Pusad being the hub for students and contract workers, there is always demand for home cooked food. She lives with her son and daughter in law. Bebi hopes to expand her business and develop an income stream for the family. She is confident that her daughter in law will take up the business and help her expand the business further.

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About Bebi vilas mule before Rang De Loan

Bebi Vilas works 8 hours a day to ensure that her mess center runs smoothly. With 5 years experience in this line and with the comfort of working out of her own home, she would now like to expand her business. Bebi plans to use the loan amount to buy and stock larger amounts of provisions required in her day-to-day cooking. For Bebi, a widow, the additional earnings of Rs. 1000 a month will only help support her family of three. 

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