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Kalpana prakash

Tiffin center | Pusad, Maharashtra

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New Beginning For Kalpana prakash

Kalpana and Prakash have been running a mess for the last 10 years. They started with supplying just a few tiffins and were struggling to muster resources to expand their business. Kalpana applied for a loan with the intention of increasing their tiffin supplies and they have done just that. From 20 tiffins, Kalpana and Prakash have increased the number of tiffins to 40. Between the two of them, they are confident that they will be able to supply at least 100 tiffins per day. The timing of our visit could not have been better. They had just finished cooking and the tiffin carriers were all shining and ready to be filled with the tasty food. 
Encouraged by the outcome, Kalpana has applied for a second loan to expand the business further. Her younger daughters will be completing their schooling soon and Kalpana hopes to save enough money for their education. Even though Kalpana is aware of her business, she is not clear about the interest she pays and the finances. The finances and the accounting
are still managed by the husband. 

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About Kalpana prakash before Rang De Loan

Running a mess center, providing home cooked food for those living away from home, is hard but satisfying work. Kalpana has been running a mess center for the last 2 years. With aloan, she hopes to buy increased amounts of stocks for her daily cooking. Buying in bulk at wholesale prices will give her a marginal amount of increased profits. With 3 daughters and 1 son in school, the additional income might well support their education. 

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