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Rice, dal, oil, wheat, spices - all these are essential items that we all buy on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A shop selling these is therefore a good business, and investing in one makes a lot of sense. Malabai Laxman Mujmule also had the same thoughts, when she opened her own grocery business 5 years ago. With old parents to support and a little education, she decided to invest in a business which would ensure a steady, daily return. Malabai would now like a loan from Rang De to help her business grow. She plans to use the loan amount to buy essential items for her shop at whole sale prices. She would like to stock larger quantities and varieties to increase sales. This loan put to good use will not only make Malabai a good and successful businesswomen but would also ensure that she is able to support her family better.

Published on : 29 Jun 2015

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