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Malabai laxman Mujmule

Grocery store | Digras, Maharashtra

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New Beginning For Malabai laxman Mujmule

Written by Megha K

Hospitals, ill health, medical emergencies and physical disability are words that we all dread. But to Malabai Laxman Mujmule, these aren’t just words. Her reality has always revolved around them.

She was a young girl of 23 when we first met her, sitting and helping out in the grocery shop that her father ran. Her father - her role model, her friend, her teacher and ardent supporter. In the three years of our association with Malabai, we have learnt more about the special bond between this father-daughter duo.

In rural India, giving birth to a girl child is considered inauspicious. A daughter paralysed from her waist down is looked down upon even more. Malabai was born a girl child and she was disabled. But not only did her father stand by her, he got her a wooden board with wheels to help her move around, and in a way, to stand on her own two feet.

A few months ago, these roles were reversed when her father suffered a spinal cord injury. Despite a dearth of money, restriction in movement and lack of support, Malabai courageously took responsibility of ensuring her father’s treatment. She spent their savings as well as the loan funds, on her father’s healthcare. This dedication and love ultimately gave her father an extra month to live.

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About Malabai laxman Mujmule before Rang De Loan

Rice, dal, oil, wheat, spices - all these are essential items that we all buy on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A shop selling these is therefore a good business, and investing in one makes a lot of sense. Malabai Laxman Mujmule also had the same thoughts, when she opened her own grocery business 5 years ago. With old parents to support and a little education, she decided to invest in a business which would ensure a steady, daily return. Malabai would now like a loan from Rang De to help her business grow. She plans to use the loan amount to buy essential items for her shop at whole sale prices. She would like to stock larger quantities and varieties to increase sales. This loan put to good use will not only make Malabai a good and successful businesswomen but would also ensure that she is able to support her family better.

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