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Rama keshav Bodhade

Beauty parlour | null, Maharashtra

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New Beginning For Rama keshav Bodhade

49°C and no sign of reducing any time soon, the oppressively hot weather in Pusad was about to make our field trip a little more eventful. One heatstroke later, on reflection, it could have been worse. At least, the town had doctors on call and medicines easily available at the medical centre. Despite the initial setbacks, we were successfully able to complete our audit of SAGRAS, our field partner in the region and did get to meet a number of our borrowers who stepped away from their many duties to spend some time with us.

Fifteen years ago, most of them could never dream of earning a living of their own but today, thanks to the inspiring work of SAGRAS, they have developed skills, confidence and a new identity as self-employed women. They run dairy farms, operate sewing machines and rice mills, sell readymade clothing or like Rama, offer grooming services at a beauty parlour.

Rama Keshav Bodhade is one of our long-time borrowers from the town. Her inspiring story is a triumph of will over adversity. Separated from her husband, Rama has borne stigma and criticism aside from dealing with her own personal fears of what the future held for her. Fortunately, she has never allowed those fears to get in her way. That is how she finds herself the proprietor of a beauty parlour and a successful one at that. It has taken a lot of hard work and careful investment to improve the business, all of it singlehandedly. In the absence of a support system at home, SAGRAS plays an active role in enabling her growth as an entrepreneur. The organization introduced low-cost microcredit to her and not before long, she was comfortable with the entire loan process.

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About Rama keshav Bodhade before Rang De Loan

Rama keshav Bodhade had applied for a Rang De Loan for which the current status is MATURED.
The purpose for taking the loan: Beauty parlour
At the time of taking the loan her annual family income was Rs.60000 and the Monthly Family expense was Rs.3000

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