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Varsha ambadas Navade

Education loan | Pusad, Maharashtra

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New Beginning For Varsha ambadas Navade

For a young girl from a small town, a college education can be a ticket to a career. Armed with a degree and the right set of skills, she can find a job that pays and become independent. It is with this dream that Varsha Ambadas Navade has been keenly following her daughters’ progress in their studies. Her eldest daughter Puja, all of 19, is already in her second year at college while Rani, 18, is in her final year of school. Both girls are working hard to get good grades and make their parents proud.

Varsha, for her part, invests a good portion of her savings in making sure that Puja and Rani have the necessary books, stationery and clothing so that they are well-equipped for classes. Although she runs a successful clothing business and earns quite well, much of the family’s expenses are met out of her income. Her husband Ambadas is a labourer and earns only around Rs.5000 every month which in a town like Pusad, would simply not be sufficient to pay for even the basic necessities of a family of four, let alone the many things that a student needs.

Given their financial constraints, Varsha and Ambadas made the decision to seek a low-cost loan to pay their daughters’ tuition fees. In doing so, they have managed to always pay the fees on time and have enough money to meet other education-related expenses as well. Now that there is a reliable source of credit to fall back on, Varsha has utilized her savings to enrol Puja in a computer coaching class so that she has more up-to-date and marketable skills to see her into a good job.

Thank you for contributing to Varsha’s loan and supporting her daughters’ education. If you would like to help other borrowers in need of a loan, please click on the link.

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About Varsha ambadas Navade before Rang De Loan

Varsha Ambadas Navade, a 44 -year-old Pusad resident from Maharashtra is a mother of two daughters - Puja and Rani both of into their late teens. They both have proved their mettle in academics by securing more than average marks in their school. They both are interested in reading and writing which is the prerequisite for a great career ahead, whatever that may be. Varsha is facing a severe lack of funds to educate her daughters but that is not deterring her from applying for an education loan of Rs. 15,000 /-which will be utilised in parts of Rs. 7000/- and Rs. 8000/-. Amidst all this poverty and horrible living conditions, it is a commendable task in itself that Varsha hasn't married them off as is the wont of people in general who are going through such a phase. It would be a great help for her if people like you could contribute a part of her loan. It is often said that educate a girl and you'll be educating her family and here you get to educate two of them! An opportunity not to be missed.

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