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New Beginning For Droibar Chiru

Written by Kavya Rao

On a visit to Manipur in May this year, you would come across flooded houses and paddy fields. The houses you would visit are connected to the road using planks so people wouldn’t have to step into the water.

We had a chance to visit a few borrowers – weavers, farmers, shop owners among many others. Among them, we met three pineapple farmers mainly because our field partner Self Employment Voluntary Association (SEVA) wanted to show us the hardships they face in their occupation and the steps they took to overcome them so far.

Pineapples in Manipur are well known for their distinct sweet taste. However, few are aware of the problems that these farmers face before harvesting a good crop.

A pineapple crop once sown gives a yield for up to three years. During the course of three years, farmers have to incur substantial expenditure for de-weeding their crop. The crops need to be de-weeded at least 4-5 times in a year and each time they need to incur expenses for equipment and labour.

Droibar Chiru, Sukrensingh Chiru and Amuchung Chiru have been in the pineapple cultivation business for over five years each. When they were asked what problems they face during cultivation, they gave one common answer - a lack of funds.

Pineapple saplings cost Rs 6 each and they spent the entire loan amount of Rs 8,000 on purchasing them. It left them with no funds for the de-weeding process. They asked us for more funds from Rang De as well.

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About Droibar Chiru before Rang De Loan

Have you ever wondered where such sweet pineapples that you eat come from and who makes it happen for you? Droibar Chiru is a 34-year old tribal farmer from Waithou Chiru Village in Manipur. He is able to survive himself and his family through pineapple farming which he is practicing for 6 years. He is a skilled farmer who knows how can he manage to keep the fruits fresh and the marketing strategies but he endures the lack of capital to invest and enlarge his production as this is a major source of income for him. Because he is a farmer he has to carry on to let him survive and to let us survive too.

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