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Maibamthambalngoubi Devi

Weaver | Kangla siphai, Manipur

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New Beginning For Maibamthambalngoubi Devi

Maibam Thambalngoubi Devi from East Imphal took her first loan a few years ago to buy a loin loom, an ancient device that is used to weave a special type of mekhala known as ‘muga phanek’. The use of this loom involves several days of work to produce a single piece of fabric.

Although the process is tedious, Thambalngoubi has never considered switching to a swifter loom in all of the twenty-one years she has been weaving. The tradition of using a loin loom is an age-old practice of northeastern tribes which women like her have kept alive over the years.

While the first loan helped her replace her worn-out loom, it was the second loan that gave impetus for her business to grow. With more raw materials to work with, she produced 3 muga phaneks and sold each for Rs.14000. On the home front, her two children are excelling, thanks to the combined efforts of both Thambalngoubi and her husband, a farmer.

Her daughter is pursuing her PhD in food and nutrition while her son is studying to be a veterinary doctor.

Thambalngoubi will perhaps be the last one in their family to ever use the loin loom but that has in no way slowed her down. She still sits with the loom balanced on her outstretched legs and meticulously weaves lines of motifs out of the threads she bought with a Rang De loan.

Thank you for funding Maibamthambalngoubi Devi's loan. If you would like to help other women from Manipur, please click on the link.

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About Maibamthambalngoubi Devi before Rang De Loan

A weaver from Manipur, 53-year old, Maibamthambalngoubi Devi borrowed Rs. 8,000 a year ago from Rang De a year ago. Maibamthambalngoubi Devi who is truly grateful for the help says the loan helped her make an additional profit of Rs. 500 each month. Having paid off her first loan, Maibamthambalngoubi Devi explains that she'd like to take advantage of the high demand for her "Muga Phane' mekhalas and expand her business. So she'd really appreciate a second loan to buy weaving materials such as one-ply yarn, detergents, dyes and starch. She is positive that Rang De investors will come through for her - just as they did last year.

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