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Yumnam indubala Devi

Vegetable cultivation | Moirangkampu sajib, Manipur

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New Beginning For Yumnam indubala Devi

Yumnam Indubala Devi is a farmer from Moirang, Manipur. She grows ‘maroi nakupi’ (garlic chives) on her farm and supplies it to local tradesmen at the Moirang market. For over thirteen years, this has been the activity that she and her husband Surjit have relied on to support their family of five. Now that her eldest daughter has taken up weaving, the household has one more income that helps pay the bills. However, farming remains their main source of income.

Although Indubala and Surjit take excellent care of their crops, financing the farm is always a problem. Without adequate funds, the demands of the tradesmen cannot be met and they may turn to other farmers for their requirements. The couple would thus lose business that has been retained over the years with great effort.

Unwilling to allow their livelihood to take a hit, Indubala decided that it was the right time to apply for a loan and thereafter made enquiries at her SHG. She learnt that she was eligible for a low-cost loan from Rang De and reassured by the testimonials of other Rang De borrowers, she took her first microloan.

The fresh working capital made a big difference to the couple with their income increasing from Rs.8000 to Rs.20000, more than double their previous earnings. Having sold the garlic chives for a tidy sum of money, Indubala was able to save Rs.1000 at the Manipur rural bank and has also repaid the loan in full. She anticipates a need for a third loan and hopes the loan amount will be increased as she is planning to scale up farm production to meet the rise in demand for the herbs she grows.

Thank you for investing in Indubala Devi’s loan. If you would like to help other women from Manipur, please click on the link.

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About Yumnam indubala Devi before Rang De Loan

It has been 13 years of relentless hard work in the small piece of land of Yumnam Indubala Devi. Her family lives in Moirangkampu Sajib village in the east of Imphal, Manipur. Despite her hard work, the lack of productivity in agriculture has left her with little savings to invest. While the income may not be excessive, cultivation is still the only source of income that she relies on.

Yumnam Indubala Devi seeks a loan of Rs 12000. She has a family of five to look after and thus needs to extend her cultivation business. She plans to grow garlic chives; locally known as “Maroi Nakupi” in her field. She will buy fertilizers, pesticides and also pay the labor costs from the loan money received. She will then sell the produce at the local market and earn her profit. Her produce is fresh and healthy and thus probable of earning a good profit.

Contribute to a part of her loan, and help Yumnam Indubala Devi reap a good harvest of chives this year.

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