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Hulash Jena

Goat rearing | Badamachhapur, Orissa

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New Beginning For Hulash Jena

The people of Badamachhapur are primarily farmers, living off the produce they grow and the livestock they rear. Nearly all of them own small landholdings which give them food for their families with a little leftover to sell at the market. The scenario for landless farmers is far more difficult as they rely on wages and irregular earnings from the sale of livestock. In the case of Hulash Jena, the small plot of land her family owned was sold to pay for a daughter’s wedding. With nothing left that could bring home an income, Hulash and her husband Rabi worked long hours as labourers and eventually saved enough to invest in a few goats.

This gave them a reasonable profit every once in a while and helped tide them over a few months when labour work was in short supply. At the time she connected with Rang De, Hulash had only one goat and could not buy more without outside intervention. Like so many other women who turn to us for financial assistance, she had no credit history or collateral that could be used to get a loan. Whenever money was urgently required, Rabi would go to a local moneylender and be subject to interest rates as high as 60% per annum.

When Hulash joined an SHG, she learnt that there were alternatives that would work out better for her credit requirements. Initially, she and Rabi were worried that they would somehow end up paying off an expensive loan but hearing the reassurances of other women who had availed our loans in the past, decided to apply for one. Hulash now has a small herd of goats, having bought two with the loan funds. The animals are healthy and in two-three months’ time, will be ready for sale.

Your contribution has been instrumental in meeting Hulash’s loan request on time. Thank you for your support. If you would like to help other borrowers from Orissa, please click on the link.

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About Hulash Jena before Rang De Loan

Often times, people look down on those who do hard labor to earn money. That is because these people have little education and perhaps, had little opportunity to go to school. As a family continues down this lane of hard work, for lack of enough profit, they have little chance to develop and progress. Hulash Jena is a mother of two, and runs a meat business by rearing goats. With the total income at 63000 INR and family expenses at an overwhelming 60000 INR, a profit of 3000 rupees does little to help her family grow. In order to provide better, and improve the living conditions of her family, Hulash Jena decided, as an experienced goat rearer, that she must buy two goats in order to make more profit, and increase her income.

In oder to buy her goats, however, she needs a loan of 10000 INR. With this money, she is able to help her family sustain better, and future generations in her family won't have to suffer, doing hard labor. Instead, they can advance themselves as people, by learning more and offering more, utilizing the resources they have to further educate themselves and live a better life. 

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