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Itishree Rath

General store | Orissa

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New Beginning For Itishree Rath

Itshri started a small grocery store few years ago to support her husband who works as a Sahara fund agent. Her enthusiasm to contribute financially started to die down as Itshri could not develop her shop and add to the stock for want of capital. It was at this juncture that Rang De stepped in to brighten Itshri’s business by extending a low cost loan. The store soon found new products enter and fill the shelves and Itshri has been trying to lure in more customers. Though there has not been any dramatic improvement in sales, the profit has increased, helping Itshri pay loan installments comfortably.

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About Itishree Rath before Rang De Loan

A hard worker with zeal to achieve more, Itishree has been working for the last 20 years on her small grocery store in her hometown. Her efforts have helped her support her family and educate her children. She is positive that purchasing fresh stock at wholesale price will increase her earnings from the shop. For this she requires a loan of Rs 5000.

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