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New Beginning For Mukesh Kumar

The residents of Borali village in remote Udaipur district live simple but busy lives. They rise as soon as day breaks, tend to their fields and return home before sunset. This routine is born of habit over centuries of making the best use of daylight hours. The nights can be oppressively dark with only a lantern to see by but such is life in this far-flung region of Rajasthan.

19-year old Mukesh Kumar and his family never knew what it was like to have an electric light in their home, much like the rest of their neighbours in Borali. Their only source of lighting came from a kerosene-lit lantern that was shared between seven family members. Mukesh’s parents are farmers who grow crops and vegetables for household consumption. Of his four brothers, two help out on the farm while the others are studying in school.

Mukesh saw the need to change the way his family relied on kerosene and diesel for household lighting. He got the opportunity to do so when Kotra Adivasi Sansthan (KAS) proposed installing standalone solar systems for unelectrified homes in the village. KAS, which works towards improving the lives of the adivasi community, provides villagers with the option to finance their purchase through Rang De.

Within a few months, Mukesh received his first solar loan and watched as technicians from Boond, the technical partner of this initiative, installed a brand new solar-powered system in his home. Happy with his newest acquisition, Mukesh says that he is relieved that the family has better lights during the night and hopes it will last for a long time.

Thank you for funding Mukesh Kumar’s solar loan. Your contribution has been instrumental in giving his family access to a clean and affordable source of energy.

If you would like to help other families who are in need of solar lighting, please click on the link.

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About Mukesh Kumar before Rang De Loan

Mukesh Kumar lives with his parents and four brothers in a humble thatched tenement. Borali village in Kotra, Udaipur has less than a handful of homes that have electricity in them. With no power to light a single bulb in their home, most of the villagers use kerosene lamps to go about their household work. Children have to study and do their homework under the dim light of these lamps.

Would you be interested in helping Mukesh out? He would like to install solar lighting in his home but does not have the means to do it since his large family solely relies on the income from farming to support their household. An investment in his loan would provide him with the necessary funds to light his home in a sustainable and affordable way.

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