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Kaduma Aruna

Buffalo rearing | Vasanthapur, Telangana

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New Beginning For Kaduma Aruna

In the past, more than 3000 farmers committed suicide in Telangana, the third highest in the country. One of them was the husband of Kaduma Aruna.

Aruna and her two children Ruthvik and Srivarsha continue to live in their home in Vasanthapur village but so much has changed since Aruna’s husband passed away. They are no longer welcome at auspicious gatherings as widows are considered to be the harbingers of bad luck. Shunned by society and tolerated only out of pity, women like Aruna are sidelined in village life. But ever since NGOs like Sarvodaya Youth Organisation began running programmes to empower and support widows, the prospects for them are looking considerably better. Farm widows who are burdened with cultivation debts receive training and livelihood support that enables them to repay dues and earn enough to manage their households.

For Aruna, help came in the form of a loan from Rang De who provided her with the funds to buy a buffalo. The local milk cooperative pays Rs.40 per litre while selling to neighbours can fetch as much as Rs.50 per litre. She spends around Rs.2000 out of her monthly earnings of Rs.7000 to buy fodder for the animal, a worthwhile investment since a good diet ensures optimum milk production and better health.

With 1 lakh in outstanding debts, Aruna needs all the help she can get. Despite the difficult circumstances, she has managed to repay Rs.1 lakh previously. We hope she will earn well and save enough to retire her husband’s loans so that she can focus on the future, both for her children and herself.

Aruna was able to start earning a second source of income thanks to contributions from changemakers such as you. Do read and share the stories of our borrowers so that others may also learn about how affordable microcredit can bring about positive outcomes in rural spaces.

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About Kaduma Aruna before Rang De Loan

Note: This a special category of livelihood loans that are being facilitated at 5% flat p.a. to the borrower. In order to keep the interest rate this low, the return to social investors has been reduced to 0% for this loan.

31 years old Kaduma Aruna lives in Vasanthapur village in Warrangal, Telangana with her 2 children of 10 & 12 years old studying in class 5th & 8th. After loosing her husband, full responsibility including the finances of her family falls on Aruna. She wants to start a Buffalo Rearing business to support their daily living and children's education. Their total income of Rs.36000/- per year up till now was coming from Agriculture and expenses of the family is Rs. 20000/- annually. They also have to go far beyond 5kms of radius to access water, one of the most basic need of an individual. They also lacks access to Primary medical care if needed. Aruna has applied for a loan amount of Rs.35000/- at Rang De for the first time to buy a Buffalo for her business. Do invest in Aruna's loan and help her for her initial investment so that she can do the best for her children.

Rang De is working with its partner organisation, Sarvodaya Youth Organisation, in Warangal district to provide low interest loans to women whose husbands took their own life due to crop failure and mounting debts. Our Rang De loans will help these women invest in an income generating activity and thus restore livelihood security to their vulnerable families. 

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