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Kanakanala Aruna

Sheep rearing | Vasanthapur, Telangana

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New Beginning For Kanakanala Aruna

Kanakanala Aruna had little time to grieve over her husband’s death. With three daughters to care for, she had to step into his shoes as the family breadwinner and worked long hours to repay the moneylenders to whom her husband owed large sums of debt. A strong and resolute woman, Aruna has repaid much of it and at present, Rs.1 lakh remains which she hopes to repay soon.

Despite the social stigma she has to face as a widow living in a small village where superstitions tar her as ‘bad luck’, she has allowed nothing to stop her from getting her children married so that they can live in a more secure and sociable environment.

Out in the fields, the farm fails to generate enough to meet living expenses forcing Aruna to seek employment as a cleaner for the Indian Railways where she earns Rs.6000 every month. But with money still owing to lenders, she knew that she had to start something along the side that would give her, at the very least, a periodic income. The one that struck her as the most profitable was goat rearing. Goats are a good source of income as their meat enjoys a very high demand both in urban and rural areas. Aruna felt that a few goats would be easy enough to maintain and sought our help to buy a few.

She purchased five goats, to begin with, and soon had four kids added to the herd, two of which she sold for Rs.12000.

When we met her in February, we could see a visible change in Aruna’s disposition. She appeared to be in good spirits and seemed happy with her first sale. We learnt that she is eager to grow the herd and may require more loans in future to do so.

Aruna’s story reflects what farm widows have to deal with on a daily basis. The fear of being entrenched in poverty is enough to drive them to despair yet they rise to the occasion and work for their families in the hope of a better tomorrow. We, at Rang De, salute their courage and offer our support so that they can build sustainable livelihoods that will provide them with the means to be debt-free.

Thank you for contributing to Aruna’s livelihood loan and making it possible for her to earn a little more and live a little better.

If you would like to help other women who are in need of an affordable loan, please click on the link.

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About Kanakanala Aruna before Rang De Loan

Note: This a special category of livelihood loans that are being facilitated at 5% flat p.a. to the borrower. In order to keep the interest rate this low, the return to social investors has been reduced to 0% for this loan

Kanakanala Aruna, a forty-seven-year old woman living in the village of Vasanthapur in Telangana, is the sole bread earner of the household. She lives with her twenty-year old daughter, who is currently pursuing education, In order to make ends meet, Kanakanala plans on starting a new business - sheep rearing. Her choice is perfect as the multiplication of sheep yearly leads to income by selling sheep, sheep penning and by selling the castings as manure. But a lack of capital is proving to be the main challenge in realizing this dream.

Do choose to invest in her dreams and ensure a brighter future for her as well as her daughter. 

Rang De is working with its partner organisation, Sarvodaya Youth Organisation, in Warangal district to provide low interest loans to women whose husbands took their own life due to crop failure and mounting debts.Our Rang De loans will help these women invest in an income generating activity and thus restore livelihood security to their vulnerable families.

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