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New Beginning For Madipelly Sharadha

Written by Lydia Paulraj

The village of Pasragonda is located in the Atmakur mandal of Warangal, Telangana. Our team made a visit to the area in order to meet a group of borrowers. The women we met with were widows, the wives of debt-ridden farmers who committed suicide in the wake of a farm crisis that shook the nation.

The backs of these women are bent with the weight of multiple responsibilities. They look after home, farm, children and are engaged in the near-impossible task of ridding their lives of debt.

Many like Madipelly Sharadha, feel bitter when they recall how their husbands failed to consult them before approaching usurious lenders. Sharadha herself is very cautious in monetary affairs and maintains a careful watch on expenditure.

While speaking to us, she complained of how women do not save even a drop of milk to make a cup of tea for themselves while the men go out and drink away their earnings, never sparing a thought for their families.

In Sharadha’s case, her husband had incurred a debt of Rs.5 lakhs after leasing 4 acres of land. He tried cultivating turmeric, banana and cotton but received very little yield over a period of two years. At the time of his death, Sharadha chose not to take any more land on lease and began the slow and painful task of repaying moneylenders.

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About Madipelly Sharadha before Rang De Loan

Madipelly Sharadha is a 40 year old widow who resides in a village in Warangal district with her two children, Shiva and Srujana. Having lost her husband at a young age, Sharadha took control of the family's agricultural land and has been supporting the family through farming and animal husbandry.

Sharadha has also been repaying the loan that her husband had taken from a money lender before his death. Repayment of this high interest loan has meant that despite working extra hard she still hasn't made much progress in retiring the principal amount of the loan.

She has therefore requested for a loan of Rs. 50000/- which will allow her to repay a bulk of her current outstanding and thus ensure that her hard work contributes to her family's well being rather than lining the wallet of a money lender.

Do invest in her loan and help Sharadha escape the clutches of exploitative credit sources.

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