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Pashikanti Swarupa

Buffalo rearing | Vasanthapur, Telangana

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New Beginning For Pashikanti Swarupa

Seated with a group of peers, Pashikanti Swarupa smiles. There are laughs going all around today as they gather for a meeting in which a few of us at Rang De had the opportunity of participating in. These women are farm widows from the Geesugonda Mandal in Warangal district. Each has lost their spouse to debt and although burdened with the same, seeks ways to repay and change their impoverished state. Swarupa, on her part, has begun rearing a buffalo as she sees other dairy farmers getting paid on time and earning well enough to pay the bills.

Dairying is quite profitable and can be done alongside other activities. Given that she is also engaged in farming, it made sense to invest in a buffalo since she would be able to use its manure and urine for her farm. A Rang De loan provided her with the necessary funds at a low-interest rate the instalments of which she has begun to repay thanks to the new income she earns.

The animal yields 3.5 litres of milk but the income from it is presently used to repay the SHG retirement loan as well as the Rang De loan. She has no further plans at the moment and is focussing her energy on repaying her husband’s outstanding debts.

For Swarupa, there was little to smile about in the past. A long and painful journey has brought her to where she is today - a much stronger and confident woman who has the capacity to steer her family through a rough patch.

Thank you for funding Swarupa’s loan and giving her a new source of livelihood to depend on. If you would like to help other women who are in need of an affordable loan, please click on the link.

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About Pashikanti Swarupa before Rang De Loan

Note: This a special category of livelihood loans that are being facilitated at 5% flat p.a. to the borrower. In order to keep the interest rate this low, the return to social investors has been reduced to 0% for this loan

There are women in our country who despite the many hurdles in their lives, have remained headstrong and have chose never to give up. But sometimes when lack of money becomes an obstacle, it slows down their progress. If given a chance to uproot the financial problems from their lives, we could do wonders.

And this time you actually have the chance to do so. Meet Pashikanti Swarupa, 36-year old woman from Telangana who aspires to start her dairy business and therefore needs a loan of Rs. 35,000 to buy buffalo to rear. Your small contributions can make a big difference and give a new colour to the life of this poor widow who has two young children to educate. So why not help her now? Make a choice and bring a difference. 

Rang De is working with its partner organisation, Sarvodaya Youth Organisation, in Warangal district to provide low interest loans to women whose husbands took their own life due to crop failure and mounting debts.Our Rang De loans will help these women invest in an income generating activity and thus restore livelihood security to their vulnerable families.

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