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Bitola Devi

Goat rearing | Krapalpur, Uttar Pradesh

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New Beginning For Bitola Devi

Bitola Devi is no stranger to hard work. The wife of a labourer, she has put her hand to many trades to support her family. Now that her children have grown up and left home, she feels less pressure to keep earning but continues to work because her husband does not earn much from small labour jobs which is mostly the kind he gets in Kanpur district.

At 45 years of age, Bitola Devi shows no signs of slowing down. She not only works as a farm labourer but also runs a small shop in Krapalpur village where she shares counter duty with her husband. Feeling that she had room in her schedule for another livelihood, she took up goat rearing with a little help from Rang De and its community of changemakers. Rearing goats is a low-maintenance and less time-consuming activity than managing other livestock and for good reason, is known as the ‘poor man’s cow’. It offers livelihood security provided that veterinary services are available nearby.

For Bitola Devi, it has grown her monthly income to Rs.8000, leaving plenty of room for savings. She tells us that she is able to save as much as Rs.3000 every month, some of which has been spent on replacing old household items. Spurred on by her initial success, she is contemplating investing in more goats to double her income.

Many of our borrowers have taken up goat rearing as a livelihood, most of whom enjoy consistent returns on their investment. Like Bitola Devi, they need timely loans that reduce their burden by breaking a lump sum into smaller amounts that are easily repayable every month.

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About Bitola Devi before Rang De Loan

Do you look for ways to contribute to positive social and economic change in rural areas? If you do, we have an appeal to share with you from a borrower residing in UP’s Kanpur district.

Bitola Devi, 44, who lives with her husband, a labourer, wants to initiate a livelihood of her own. She has limited resources available to her and practically no savings that she can use as capital. Her only hope is this loan application for a sum of Rs.10000. She plans to use this money to buy a few goats and raise them till they can be sold. Goats can be relied on to bring home a good profit as there is always a huge demand for quality meat. If you would like to finance a rural income-producing activity, choose to invest in Bitola Devi’s loan today.

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