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Guddan Devi

Buffalo rearing | Rewa, Uttar Pradesh

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New Beginning For Guddan Devi

The members of Rakhi SHG settled on the porch of a borrower’s house in Rewa village to share their experiences with us. Most of the women here are engaged in livestock rearing activities and had taken loans to fund the purchase of new animals. Guddan Devi, a native of Uttar Pradesh, told us why she had decided to diversify her livestock business. She owns 25 goats and has been rearing them for many years since it is a crucial source of income for her family comprising her in-laws, her husband, Raju and their two children.

Raju helps Guddan pick out the healthiest kids in the market and assists her in herding the animals to and from their grazing grounds. Over the past year or so, he has been suffering from poor health and is unable to work as a labourer. This caused a great deal of strain on the family and led Guddan to take up buffalo rearing to augment their income.

A loan from Rang De helped her meet most of the buffalo’s cost while the remaining Rs.15000 was raised through other family members. Guddan reported that the animal was giving 5 litres of milk initially but has now developed an infection in one of the udders. She sells only 3 litres of milk at the rate of Rs.32 per litre and keeps 2 litres for personal use. She also gets milk from a cow she owns but it is kept for the household.

As a family of landless labourers, Guddan feels the loss of income acutely now that Raju hardly works at all. She explained how difficult it is for them to get by: “In agriculture, you can grow your own food. But here, we are barely surviving. The goats are the only thing bringing in money for us.” She plans to take the buffalo to the vet but is clearly daunted by the thought of the expense involved as the family is already spending a sizeable portion of their income on Raju’s medical expenses.

On a positive note, she believes that livestock rearing is profitable and wants to invest in more goats with Rang De’s help. Although faced with many problems today Guddan adopts a pragmatic approach to weathering them. We hope that her financial situation takes a turn for the better and that her dairy business becomes more prosperous in time.

Thank you for contributing to Guddan Devi’s loan. If you would like to help other women from Uttar Pradesh, please click on the link.

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About Guddan Devi before Rang De Loan

Investing in a dairy farm is a good way to supplement earnings. Guddan Devi, aged 26  wants to start her own dairy farm to supplement some income for her family. She hails from Rewa village of Uttar Pradesh. Her family consists of her husband who works as a labor and earns INR 30000 per annum and her two children.

Guddan would like to buy a buffalo but does not have the means to do it. This is where Rang De would like to help her. We hope to raise a sum of INR 35000 which will help her buy a buffalo and some fodder to feed it. The loan tenure will be of 24 months.

Your support would be invaluable to this young woman who would like to stand on her own feet.

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