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Pooja Devi

Stitching and tailoring | Alamchadnra pur, Uttar Pradesh

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New Beginning For Pooja Devi

The village of Alamchandrapur lies on the outskirts of Akbarpur, approximately 45 km away from Kanpur in UP. It is here that a first-cycle borrower Pooja Devi lives with her husband and infant in a government housing society. Several flats in the society are rented out to men employed at factories situated along the outskirts of Kanpur making its location ideal for an easier commute.

Pooja’s husband too works at a factory and earns around Rs.7000 per month. His income falls short of the household requirement but thanks to Pooja’s efforts, the family is able to manage reasonably well.

Unlike most of our borrowers in the area, Pooja is educated and holds an MA. However, Alamchandrapur has limited opportunities and finding suitable work proved to be a challenge for her. As a new mother, much of her focus has been on her baby leaving a little spare time during which she runs her tailoring shop.

Pooja learnt how to sew when she was younger and is completely self-taught. She used to watch other women sewing and mending and practised different techniques at home till she became confident of her skills. She eventually put her interest aside as a hectic college schedule did not accommodate time for hobbies. It was only after getting married that she took up sewing once again and thought it would be a useful way to earn a living.

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About Pooja Devi before Rang De Loan

Pooja Devi had applied for a Rang De Loan for which the current status is MATURED.
The purpose for taking the loan: Stitching and tailoring
At the time of taking the loan her annual family income was Rs.42000 and the Monthly Family expense was Rs.3333

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