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Sona Devi

Buffalo rearing | Dhorapudiya, Uttarakhand

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New Beginning For Sona Devi

Sona Devi, 42, spends most of her time on her farm alongside her husband where they grow peas, ginger, tomatoes, potatoes and wheat. The income they receive from it supports their household and pays for their children’s education. Their sons are enrolled in college while their daughter is still in school. The couple is anxious to see their children progress and find more lucrative employment than the kind that is available in their village.

Most of the people in Dhorapudiya village work on their own farms, rear livestock or operate small enterprises like petty shops, dried fish businesses etc. There is a limit to the incomes that one can expect to earn in a remote village, which is why many rural folk work multiple livelihoods.

In Sona’s case, she has started a dairy farm with a buffalo funded in part by a Rang De loan. It provides her with an income of Rs.5250 every month but there is little room for savings since she has a few outstanding debts to repay.

We learnt that she has insured the animal against future risks at the time of purchase as a loss on this investment would be a big blow to her family. We learnt that the buffalo is pregnant and has reduced giving milk over the past few months. However, Sona is happy to see her dairy business growing as the animal will produce more milk after giving birth.

Your contribution made Sona Devi’s loan possible. Thank you for extending your support to the rural women of Uttarakhand who work hard to keep their households going.

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About Sona Devi before Rang De Loan

Pastoral activities are a common livelihood for those who live in hilly regions. Since the water, fodder, and pastures are in plenty, livestock thrive in these areas. It provides a reliable source of additional income and is particularly well suited to women who often need to care for their children and home. For Sona Devi, a 41-year old woman from Uttarakhand, it made sense to venture into an occupation that would help pay for itself and earn a little profit that could be used to pay for her household expenses. Her husband who works on a farm will be able to support her well since animal husbandry is a complementary activity to agriculture. Sona has applied for a Rang De livelihood loan for the purpose of buying a buffalo. Your investment in the loan amount of Rs. 35000/- will help her start her dairy farm and become profitably self-employed.

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