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Rang De Field Trips

A journey to the self through the community

Over the last 8 years, we at Rang De have disbursed loans to more than 30,000 borrowers. This has only been possible because of the support and trust that you - our social investor, have reposed in us and our borrowers.

Every few months, the Rang De team travels to different locations where our borrowers are located to not only assess the impact that a Rang De loan has on the lives of the people but also to bridge the gap between the borrowers and our social investors. We also encourage our social investors to accompany us on these field trips to see for themselves how Rang De reaches a borrower in a small village.

During a field trip, you get to spend quality time with borrowers who have availed a Rang De loan. You get to hear first hand positive (and not so positive) stories of change.

Upcoming field trips are listed below.

Rang De Team
April 3rd - 7th
Rang De Team
April 8th - 12th
Rang De Team
April 10th - 13th
Rang De Team
April 11th - 13th


If you wish to come with us on any of the field trips, please write to us at impact@rangde.org.